Flagpack Free Icons Pack

Stunning flag icons for your digital product. 260+ open source flag icons to use in your design tool or in your code project. Thanks to Yummygum for sharing this freebie!

Handz 3D Illustration Library

Any occasion requires a library. 12 hand gesture with 9 different skin colors and 3 different sleeve modifications. It has over 320 hand combinations right out of the box. Customize colors to fit your demands for additional options. This illustration was made in Sketch and figma.

Lifestyle Free Illustrations

12 vibrant lifestyle vector illustrations. As a designer, you’ll save time and money, and as a business owner or entrepreneur, you’ll save money. This illustration was made with Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and Illustration in mind.

BAM Free 3D Illustration Kit

A beautiful graphic can be worth a thousand words, which is why we used a lot of illustrations in the UI we meticulously designed at @BAM. We decided to make a set of most-used icons in Blender after being inspired by Things and Saly’s wonderful 3D creations. The major goal is to make our user interface and presentations more current and colorful. Now we’d like to put our illustrations in your hands; you may use them for any commercial or personal use; our only requirement is that you do not resell them as your own work and that you acknowledge us.

SALY – Free 3D Illustration Pack for Figma

Hand-crafted and full of personality, this collection of high-quality 3D images. Free to use for personal projects or exploration. There are more than 20 pictures, and they will be updated in the future. For figma, I drew these illustrations.

Daily – Free Illustration

A free simple illustration scene generator with a range of flat-style characters and environment components. Combine these lovely people with some of the background elements to create amazing sceneries for website interfaces or app screens.

There are 18 characters and 32 elements in this game.
All of the images in this pack are fully editable, with source Ai and SVG files included for use with any vector editing software. Feel free to change the colors, tweak the movement of the characters, or mix and match to make your own character.
This is Illustration, created for Figma & Sketch, Adobe Illustration.

Nikuu – Free 3D Illustration Pack for Figma

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Here is the 3D illustration pack we made. You can use it for any personal or commercial product for free. These illustrations were created for Figma.

Zanzi Free Illustration

Zanzi is a one-of-a-kind open source graphics bundle that provides fantastic concepts and scenes for startups and SAS businesses looking for fresh illustrations for their websites and applications.

Zanzi covers a wide range of categories needed for newsletters, websites, and apps. Flat illustrations with outline stroke to define the details and provide crispiness to the scenes; Zanzi covers a wide range of categories needed for newsletters, websites, and apps. You can adjust the colors or edit the sceneries to create a more unique look that fits your business with these new vector graphics.
Original source files in Vector Ai format were given, as well as Optimized SVG for web, PNG, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. The Zanzi drawings bundle is available for both personal and commercial applications at no cost.
Getillustrations.com has generously shared this freebie!

This is Illustration, created for Adobe Illustration, Figma, Sketch & Adobe XD.