MacOS Big Sur Free UI Kit

For creating desktop and web applications, use the Sketch and Figma UI libraries. Using the free, well-organized structure of elements and styles will speed up your productivity.
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Free Social Media Kit for Figma

The goal of this project is to simplify life for designers everywhere. Package your visual environment quickly and easily for use on various social networks and services.
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Delivery Truck App Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

A free mobile UI kit called Delivery Truck App was created just for Adobe XD. You can start working on your projects with its 25+ mobile screen pages.
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Trivia App Free UI Kit for Adobe XD

Free mobile UI kit for Adobe XD created just for Trivia App. To help you get started on your projects, it has more than 25 mobile screen pages.
Thanks to Manadir Mahi for sharing this freebie!

Chefio Recipe Free App UI Kit for Figma

Chefio is a FREE UI Kit that prioritizes quality and design. It has 7 features and 20+ screens to help you choose the finest recipe applications you need, as well as the ability to scan any items you don’t recognize for names and descriptions.
We are also worried about the element being componentized so that it may be easily modified in the future. Thank you for providing this freeware, Choirul Syafril!

iOS/iPadOS 14 Free UI Kit for Figma

I was regularly attempting to find numerous misplaced common iOS/iPadOS system-level interface components, so I decided to develop and collect them all in one location. All of the elements in this section are named for simple instance switching, contain constraints, and employ auto layout when applicable. Joey Banks deserves credit for offering this freeware!